Reporting Guidelines

Reports are a required condition upon accepting Sea Grant funds. These reports are vital to convey the achievements of your projects to NOAA-National Sea Grant, state, local and other sponsors and, when appropriate, to the general public.

Online Progress and Final Report Forms

Annual progress report forms are due one month (23 days) after the completion of each 12-month grant period. The final report form is due two months (60 days) after the project end date. Information for both is submitted using the same electronic form at the “Edit or Submit Your Report” link in the upper right.

Have the following information available before you fill in the form:

  • Changes in objective, methodology and rationale
  • Accomplishments/findings to date
  • Benefits
  • Presentations – including number of attendees
  • Significant interactions with other agencies
  • Media contacts
  • Students supported – including undergraduate and graduate students
  • Publications – including journal articles or outreach materials

Final Narrative Report

In addition to the electronic progress and final forms, Michigan Sea Grant research projects are required to complete a final report narrative. This must be submitted before the project end date so that Michigan Sea Grant can facilitate a peer-review process. More details will be provided to funded research teams.

See: Conditions of Award and IA Narrative Report Guidelines



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