Researcher Tools

Publications and Reports by the Team

All research teams will submit online annual reports and a final narrative report to Michigan Sea Grant.

For guidance on essential and suggested components, information on how to appropriately reference Michigan Sea Grant in funded research publications, and to submit publications to our library (required), see Publication Guidelines.

For information on online progress and final reports due to Michigan Sea Grant, conditions of agreement, and to submit online reports, see Reporting Guidelines.

Sea Grant Resources for Research Teams

Michigan Sea Grant management and staff are interested in your project – from start to finish. Sea Grant outreach professionals help educate coastal community leaders, policy makers, management agencies, K-12 educators and Michigan residents about the Great Lakes. Our communications and outreach specialists can help extend your research through a variety of channels, including extension, public outreach, research communications and the MSG Upwellings newsletter.

Extension Integration

Michigan Sea Grant extension educators are linked with integrated assessment projects and can facilitate local participation in stakeholder engagement. This is a unique approach that may aid integrated assessment teams in gaining buy-in and also with supporting and disseminating project findings during and after the project period has concluded. Extension educators are also available to help relay research findings from core research and graduate student fellowships.

Public Outreach

News releases are typically distributed to the media through the University news outlets that reach audiences statewide. In addition monthly reports about research activities are sent to National Sea Grant/NOAA. Summaries about current research are included in state, regional and national conferences and meetings.

Your project may also be featured in the Upwellings newsletter, an award-winning publication distributed to researchers, policy-makers, K-12 educators, government interests and Great Lakes residents. See: Upwellings Newsletter

Research Communications

In addition to preparing a final narrative report and non-technical executive summary, we encourage research teams to work with Sea Grant communications specialists to develop targeted products, research summaries and press releases. Michigan Sea Grant Communications is committed to assisting your project team in developing a project webpage and two research summaries, bookending your project period. Contact the Communications Program Leader to discuss your ideas and needs. See: Research Summaries