Researcher Tools


Michigan Sea Grant management and staff are interested in your project – from start to finish. Sea Grant outreach professionals help educate coastal community leaders, policy makers, management agencies, K-12 educators, and Michigan residents about the Great Lakes. Our outreach specialists can help extend your research through a variety of channels, including:

Public Outreach

News releases are typically distributed to the media through the University news outlets that reach audiences statewide. In addition monthly reports about research activities are sent to National Sea Grant/NOAA. Summaries about current research are included in state, regional and national conferences and meetings. Please use the Michigan Sea Grant logo for your presentations about Sea Grant-funded research (research posters and in electronic presentations). See: Logos

Fact Sheets

Specialized publications about your research activities can often be produced quickly and are ideal for providing an overview and insights into your research for a variety of audiences. See: Fact Sheets

Upwellings Newsletter

This award-winning publication is distributed monthly to researchers, policy-makers, K-12 educators, government interests and Great Lakes residents. See: Upwellings Newsletter