Recent Projects

Expanding Michigan’s Aquaculture into a Sustainable Seafood Industry

Aquaculture has grown tremendously on a global scale in recent decades and now meets nearly half the world’s seafood demand. Michigan has the potential to support a vibrant aquaculture industry. However, commercial aquaculture development in Michigan has been stagnant since 1991.This project is designed to identify and address the current underdeveloped aquaculture industry in Michigan. The research team will ultimately develop a Strategic Action Plan for expanding the state’s current commercial aquaculture program into a major sustainable seafood industry.

Project number: R/AQ-1
Christopher Weeks, Michigan State University
Project Web Page | Fact Sheet (PDF)


Helping Coastal Communities Evaluate Wind Energy Options

Michigan is recognized as a state with strong wind energy development potential. As a result, coastal communities are likely to face pressure to develop wind farms. Currently, there is limited information about how coastal wind turbines might impact communities, businesses and the environment. This project aims to help communities understand the potential impacts of wind development.

R/CCD-10, dates: 2009-2012
Soji Adelaja, Michigan State University – Land Policy Institute
Fact Sheet (PDF)


Restoring Natural Flows in the Clinton River Watershed

The 80-mile long Clinton River has its headwaters in rural and developing areas, and then flows through heavily urbanized sections of southern Oakland and Macomb counties before eventually draining into Lake St. Clair in southeast Michigan. Although water quality in the Clinton River has improved over the past 30 years, the river faces a number of environmental challenges, including extreme fluctuation of water flow.

R/CGLH-3, dates: 2009-2012
Don Carpenter, Lawrence Technological University
Project Website | Fact Sheet (PDF)


Charting the Course for the Bluewater Coast

The declining recreational Chinook salmon fishery has negatively impacted the coastal economies of communities located in Michigan’s “Thumb” area, from Tuscola county to Port Huron in St. Clair county. Historically, individual port towns and coastal businesses in the thumb area have worked in isolation. However, this regional assessment aims to help communities work collaboratively to adapt to these changes and challenges.

M/PD-44, Dates: 2009-2012
Christine Vogt, Michigan State University
Project Website | Fact Sheet (PDF)


West Michigan Wind Assessment

Wind power has the potential to reduce Michigan’s reliance on fossil fuels and help meet state-mandated renewable energy targets. However, all forms of electricity generation have some impact. The intent of this project is to comprehensively analyze the benefits and challenges of wind energy development in one particular region of coastal West Michigan, including Oceana, Muskegon, Ottawa and Allegan counties.

R/CCD-11, dates: 2009-2012
Erik Nordman, Grand Valley State University
Project Briefs | Project Overview | Final Report

Other Projects

Green Marina Education and Outreach

Clean Marina programs in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin are focusing on a plan to reduce pollution from boating and marina activities throughout the region. The project partners are working to establish uniform certification standards that can be applied to marinas throughout the Great Lakes and beyond.
See: Green Marina Project

Rein in the Runoff

R/WQ-1, dates: 2007-2009
Alan Steinman and Elaine Sterrett-Isely, Grand Valley State University – Annis Water Resources Institute
See: Project results

Detroit River Fish Consumption Advisories

R/WQ-2, dates: 2007-2009
Donna Kashian, Wayne State University
See: Project results

Coastal Brownfield Redevelopment in Michigan

R/CCD-1, dates: 2007-2009
William Welsh and Robert Jones, Eastern Michigan University
See: Project results

Northeast Michigan Integrated Assessment (NEMIA)

M/PM-29, dates: 2006-2008
Jennifer Read and Brandon Schroeder, Michigan Sea Grant
See: Project results

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Michigan Sea Grant has supported peer-reviewed research since the program’s inception 40 years ago.

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Selected Research Impacts

  • Funded $34 million in research since 1969.
  • Supported at least 150 peer-reviewed publications (1990-2008)
  • Awarded 41 fellowships for graduate students since 1982