Graduate Fellowships Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Am I eligible to apply if I’m in the middle of a graduate program?

  • Yes, you’re able to apply as long as you’re enrolled in a graduate or professional program as indicated within the particular fellowship you are applying for. Though most students finish their graduate program before starting the fellowships, you may make accommodations with your graduate program adviser to participate before you graduate. Review the start/end dates carefully for each fellowship program.

Question: Does my graduate certificate program count as a “professional program”?

Question: Will I be a fellow at Michigan Sea Grant?

  • No, Michigan Sea Grant facilitates these fellowships and you will be placed at the host organization (IJC, state coastal management programs, Washington, DC, etc.). Refer to the fellowship description for detailed information.

Question: Will I be a Michigan Sea Grant employee or an employee of the University of Michigan?

  • No. You will receive a stipend from the University of Michigan, but you will be responsible for reporting that income and paying all applicable taxes. Michigan Sea Grant and the University of Michigan does not provide tax advice regarding this income. It is up to the recipient to determine the taxable nature of their award.

Question: Do I need a letter of endorsement from the Sea Grant Director prior to applying to any of these fellowships?

  • No. During the initial application process, students do not need to secure a letter of endorsement from the Michigan Sea Grant director, but they must submit all other required application materials by the deadline. The letters of endorsement will be written for successful applicants when their application packages are sent to the appropriate fellowship host.