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Michigan Sea Grant Extension Educators are stationed throughout the state, keeping ahead of water-related issues along our Great Lakes coasts. This page features news and online resources from Dan O’Keefe, who covers the southwest district of the state.

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The Winter 2014 issue of Fish Notes includes articles on GLMRIS study options for Asian carp prevention, a volunteer angler diary program for Lake Michigan Salmon, highlights from the Ludington Regional Fisheries Workshop and an article on catching and handling northern pike.

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Yellow Perch Summit

Harvest of Lake Michigan yellow perch dropped dramatically in the late 1990s and has not recovered.  The Lake Michigan Committee of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission hosted a Yellow Perch Summit on March 22, 2014, in Chicago. The summit provided an overview of recent research on Lake Michigan perch and touched on available management options. Anglers and other stakeholders participated in afternoon breakout sessions to discuss the future. Recorded proceedings are available at the links below. Summaries of stakeholder discussions are included in the meeting wrap-up.

Part 1 – Plankton, Baby Perch and Population Status

Part 2 – Perch Fishing and Harvest

Part 3 – To Stock or Not, Regulations and Synthesis

Part 4 – Meeting Wrap-up

Salmon Ambassadors

Salmon in the Great Lakes: Part 2


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