Elk Rapids Green Infrastructure Workshop

Event Date: 9/17/2018

Members of the public are invited to a workshop aimed at uncovering strategies that will enable Elk Rapids to begin the widespread implementation of green infrastructure.

Green infrastructure relies on plants and ecosystem processes to capture, slow, and purify rainwater and snowmelt. Green infrastructure projects can offer an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to traditional grey infrastructure components, such as storm sewers and concrete culverts.

Lawrence Technological University, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc., and the University of Michigan are collaborating on a project to investigate barriers to green infrastructure implementation in Michigan. The project includes multiple approaches to stakeholder engagement, including an online survey, focus groups, and community green infrastructure visioning meetings.

Elk Rapids was selected by the project team to host a community visioning meeting based on its location, demographics, and potential for success. The vision meeting provides an opportunity for an open community discussion and participation in exercises that focus on the core project question.

Community participation exercises include identifying opportunities for green infrastructure implementation and sharing opinions on value of natural systems in the downtown and waterfront area.

Members of the public are invited to participate on Monday, September 17, from 4-6 pm in the Old Council Chambers at the Government Center (315 Bridge Street). No RSVP is necessary.

The event will begin with a community definition and mapping exercise, followed by an opportunity for participants to express their preferences for a variety of green infrastructure techniques.

Any questions related to the project or process may be directed to Donald Carpenter, (248) 763-4099 or dcarpente@ltu.edu.

For more information about the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed and efforts to preserve and protect this natural resource, please contact Sarah U’Ren, program director at the Watershed Center – Grand Traverse Bay, (231) 935-1514 or suren@gtbay.org