Media Kit

This kit is for members of the media. The components provide an overview of the program and its positive impact on Michigan waterfronts, communities and the environment.

Reasons to cover the Clean Marina program

  • It’s easy. A variety of background pieces are included on this page.
  • Clean Marina program is an under-reported story.
  • It’s a great seasonal story or something to keep in the coffers.

Media Kit Contents


Visit the Michigan Sea Grant YouTube Channel for more videos.

Clean Marina Program at a Glance

  • Voluntary training and certification program for marinas.
  • Clean Marinas put environmentally friendly practices into action.
  • Owner/operators follow 10 steps, including completing an online course.
  • More than 50 marinas in Michigan are certified.
  • Michigan, one of first states to have a program, is leading a regional Clean Marina effort.

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