Great Lakes Clean Marina Program Overview: The Benefits of Clean Marinas and Clean Boating

This video provides an overview of Clean Marina programs throughout the Great Lakes, reasons new marinas may consider participating and what boaters can expect at a Clean Marina.

Keeping it Clean: Best Practices for Certified Clean Marinas

How can you help keep the Great Lakes clean? This video provides an overview of BestManagement Practices (BMPs) marina operators and boaters can employ to keep contaminants out of the lakes.

Marinas and Boat Bottom Washing Best Practices

This video features an overview of boat bottom washing techniques from around the Great Lakes. Marina experts also discuss why it’s important to keep boat bottom wash contained and some of the systems they use to do so.

Promotional Video Example

The Illinois Clean Marina Program worked with a local videographer to develop a 2.5 minute video to describe and promote the Clean Marina Program.