Lake Sturgeon Quiz

Correct Answers to Fact Sheet

See: Lake Sturgeon Fact Sheet (PDF)

Multiple Choice

Female sturgeon produce about how many eggs?
c) Four million (4,000,000)

The sturgeon’s oily swim bladder was often
processed to produce isinglass, a type of gelatin used in making what type of product?

b) Beer and wine

How many teeth do lake sturgeon have?
c) Zero (0)

What is the name of the Detroit River island
closest to the sturgeon habitat project?

b) Belle Isle

Female sturgeon live to be how old?
a) 80–150 years old

True or False

The State of Michigan prohibits commercial fishing for lake sturgeon and closely regulates sturgeon sport fishing.
a) True

The current lake sturgeon population is estimated to be ten percent of its historic abundance in Michigan.
b) False. The answer is one (1%) percent.

People once burned huge piles of sturgeon along
the shores of the Detroit River. They also used oily
sturgeon carcasses as fuel for passing steam ships.

a) True

Sturgeon have uneven or asymmetrical tails like those of sharks.
a) True

When European settlers arrived in the region, sturgeon were so numerous during the spring spawning run that they were reportedly capable of capsizing fishing boats.
a) True