Salmon Nets

  • Each gang of salmon nets shall be marked at each end with a staff buoy which extends a minimum of five (5) feet above the surface and which:
  • Is at least fifty percent (50%) reflective orange in color.
  • Has affixed to the top one orange flag twelve (12) inches by twelve (12) inches in size.
  • Has affixed the license number of the fisher.
  • Each gang of nets shall have attached along the top edge of the net orange PVC floats which are at least six (6) inches by fourteen (14) inches in size and which are evenly spaced along the length of the gang at intervals of not more than three hundred (300) feet of net.

Net Marking – Salmon nets

  • Shall be set in a manner that permits reasonable ingress and egress by shoreline residents.
  • All nets must be marked at each end with a buoy on the surface.
  • Buoy must show the license number of the owner of the net.