Gill Nets

gill net illustration

  • Contains floats along the top and weights on the bottom
  • (Stands like a fence along the bottom, but can also be suspended)
  • Fish too big to swim through the netting get caught by the gills when they try to back out
  • Generally set perpendicular to shore and strung end to end in gangs
  • Single net varies in depth from 6 to 20 ft and length from 100 to 400 ft
  • Handled in boxes, 3 to 5 nets or 1200 to 1800 ft per box
  • United end to end to form gangs and may reach 3 to 5 miles in length
  • Large mesh 4 to 5 inches stretched measure for whitefish, trout, and walleye
  • Small mesh 2 3/8 to 3 inches for lake herring, chubs, yellow perch, and round whitefish
  • Bait nets 1 to 2 inches for bait
  • Gill nets have been set in depths greater than 700 feet