Economic Impacts of Charter Fishing

Great Lakes charter fishing is an important contributor to tourism in Michigan’s coastal communities. A recent study completed by Michigan Sea Grant and Michigan State University’s Center for Economic Analysis found that charter fishing generated an average of 465,417 employment hours pear year and brought an average of $19.8 million per year into Michigan’s coastal communities over the past 20 years. Additional information regarding economic impacts and charter fishing customer characteristics can be found using the resources below.

The Economic Impact Calculator can be used to generate statistics specific to your region of interest, and to project how decreases or increases in charter fishing can affect coastal economies. You can use the Michigan Fish Report System to determine the number of charter excursions taken from any Michigan port and use that number as an input to determine resulting economic impacts.

Charter Fishing Business Resources

Whether you are an experienced captain or interested in exploring what it takes to start a charter fishing firm of your own, the Charter Business Revenue and Returns Calculator developed by Michigan Sea Grant and Michigan State University can help you explore how changing costs, fee structures, and numbers of trips booked each season will affect your bottom line.



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Dan O’Keefe