Climate-Recruitment Projection Maps

Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) management units for the 1836 Treaty Waters of Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior are color coded by the projected change in adult lake whitefish population recruitment.

On the maps, blue signifies a projected increase, while red signifies a projected decrease.

Of the eight management units identified to have improved model fit with the inclusion of climate variables, six (WFH-05, WFH-Northern Huron, WFM-01, WFM-02, WFS-04 and WFS-07) are projected to have increases in Lake Whitefish recruitment and two units (WFM-06 and WFS-05) are projected to have decreases in Lake Whitefish recruitment between the 2007 estimates and the 2050-2070 projections.

The WFM-06 model includes wind speed and the WFS-05 model includes ice cover and thermal index. Projected recruitment changes from the 2007 estimates to the 2050-2070 projections range from over a 250% increase to almost an 80% declines.