Dangerous Currents

While Great Lakes beaches are beautiful destinations, learning about potential hazards before hitting the water can save your life. Dangerous currents occur throughout the Great Lakes. The currents do not pull a person under the water, but can pull a swimmer away from the shore. The situation can turn dangerous when a swimmer panics or reaches a point of fatigue.

Swimming directly against currents, along piers or breakwalls can be deadly. Also, attempting to rescue others without a flotation device can result in drowning.

Learn More About Currents

Where are they and why do dangerous currents occur? How can I avoid them? Learn all about dangerous currents, rescue tips and more at www.DangerousCurrents.org

Dangerous Currents Outreach Project

Michigan Sea Grant is leading an effort, supported by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, to improve beach safety, see: Dangerous Currents Project.