Nutrient Runoff Tool

A new way to manage nutrient runoff

The EnviroImpact Tool is an online tool that farmers can use to reduce the amount of nutrients in runoff from their farms.

Excess nutrients in water can lead to algal blooms, lower dissolved oxygen, and reductions in water quality.

The tool provides maps that show short-term runoff risks for daily manure application planning purposes. It takes into account factors such as precipitation, temperature, soil moisture, and landscape characteristics.

Farmers handling and applying livestock manure in Michigan can use this tool during any time of year to determine how risky it will be to spread manure on their fields. Users can also sign up to receive email notices about runoff risk.

While the purpose of this tool is to help reduce the risk of applied manure leaving agricultural fields, it is important that farmers also follow Manure Management Plans and assess the risk for each field prior to manure applications. Livestock producers and manure applicators can contact their local Conservation Districts or MSU Extension for help in developing a Manure Management Plan.

Another resource for making manure application decisions is Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Right to Farm Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices for Manure Management and Utilization.

Funding for creation of the EnviroImpact Tool comes from Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Additional partners include:

  • National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
  • Michigan State University Institute of Water Research
  • MSU Extension
  • Michigan Sea Grant

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