Michigan’s Great Lakes coasts are not just beautiful — they are dynamic ecosystems home to many species of fish, birds, plants and other wildlife, and boast a wide variety of habitat types. A large boating community, commercial and recreational fisheries, and rapid development along Michigan’s coasts all present challenges for the ecosystem. Michigan Sea Grant works to keep balance in the Great Lakes by supporting research, education and outreach.

Research, education and outreach means:

  • Keeping businesses, residents and students informed about current coastal issues and about how these Michigan’s coastal resources are a part of global resources. We support extension educators in six coastal locations, producing informational publications, developing free lessons online, and offering hands-on cruises, camps and workshops.
  • Providing opportunities for researchers to tackle pressing issues about the environmental health and economic wellbeing of Michigan’s coastal areas.
  • Connecting government agencies, non-government organizations, educators, business owners and citizens by supporting programs like the Michigan Clean Marina Program, annual fisheries workshops and the Great Lakes Small Harbors Coalition.

In this Explore section, we provide information on all of these aspects of the Great Lakes and coastal areas, building a bridge from science and research to education and outreach.