Help reduce drownings from currents and waves

Dangerous currents, high waves, and piers are the primary risks to swimmers in the Great Lakes region. The two most common dangerous currents include rip currents and structural currents—those near piers. This is a public safety issue that impacts millions of beachgoers each year in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.

Be Current Smart includes instructional animations and a social media campaign promoting simple safety practices. The campaign is part of a larger regional effort that also includes providing water safety and emergency rescue equipment to beaches across the Great Lakes region.

These press announcements and video news release footage are free and available for the media, beach communities, park staff, educators, and others. Those interviewed include representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard and state agencies, county sheriffs, and first responders.

Video news releases

Includes information on beach warning flags.

Without information on beach warning flags.

Michigan-specific video.

Learn more about dangerous currents and visit Great Lakes Beach Hazards for real-time advisories from the National Weather Service.