This series of six animations includes simple tips to help keep you safe at the beach.

Heed warning flags. The color flag warning system (not applicable in every state) helps swimmers determine what the risk of wind, waves, and dangerous currents is throughout the day based on National Weather Service forecasts.

Rock the jacket. Addresses why it is important to wear a life jacket.

Steer clear of the pier. A primer on why swimming near piers is dangerous.

Throw them a lifeline. How to quickly and safely perform a rescue from shore.

Escape a dangerous current. If caught in a rip current, remember three steps to safety: stay calm, swim to the side, and head for shore.

Keep watch. Be a water watcher and pledge to keep a close watch on children along the shore and in the water.

Learn more about dangerous currents and visit Great Lakes Beach Hazards for real-time advisories from the National Weather Service.