Michigan Sea Grant has created a variety of high-resolution products which are freely available for reuse:

Both the Water Watcher Card and Water Safety Tip Card highlight the warning flag system (green, yellow and red flags). Warning flags are posted at many public beaches indicating the presence of dangerous currents, such as rip currents, based on the National Weather Service forecasts. These are available for download and can be found at many Michigan beaches.

These high-resolution graphics may be use for educational purposes for publications, signs or other materials. Graphics include rip currents, channel currents, longshore currents, outlet currents, and structural currents. They are also available in mirrored versions to provide more specificity to certain beaches and piers.

A variety of signage is available for download and print. These scalable signs are available for rip currents, outlet currents, structural currents, and flag warning systems. There are also Spanish versions available.

This series of six animations includes simple tips to help keep you safe at the beach.

As part of the #currentsmart outreach campaign, these simple and easy to understand graphics display targeted messages to keep people safe at the beach.

These press announcements and video news release footage are free and available for the media, beach communities, park staff, educators, and others. Those interviewed include representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard and state agencies, county sheriffs, and first responders.

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Rip Current Stories: From rip current survivors, victims’ family and friends, first responders, etc.

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