Content reviewers provided the product development team with a thorough and critical review of best management practices in the Great Lakes region as well as summaries of state and federal regulations. The product development team coordinated the content review process. The production team addressed all review comments that led to the development of the final content for the classroom.

Content Reviewers

Careful review and suggested improvements to the Clean Marina Classroom were possible with assistance of an excellent technical team, comprised of marina operators, resource managers and other experts from universities, government agencies and non-government organizations.

  • Mark Ackerman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5
  • Matt Adkins, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Melissa Boitos, Jefferson Beach Marina (Michigan)
  • Cheryl Bougie, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Eugene Braig, Ohio Sea Grant
  • Todd Brieby, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
  • Tim Campbell, Wisconsin Sea Grant
  • Dorreen Carey, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Rick Chapman, Port of Sunnyside Club (Minnesota)
  • Dennis Cherney, Port Washington Marina (Wisconsin)
  • Jack Cox, Smithgroup JJR
  • Charles Duray, Walstrom Marine (Michigan)
  • Crystal Dymond, Erie Soil & Water Conservation District (Ohio)
  • Christina Falk, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Eric Foster, Belle Maer Harbor (Michigan)
  • John Hanson, Forest City Yacht Club (Ohio)
  • Jane Herbert, Michigan State University
  • Colin Highlands
  • Dewayne Hollin, Texas Sea Grant
  • Doug Jensen, Minnesota Sea Grant
  • Kim Kreiling, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Jon Kukuk, Nestegg Marina (Wisconsin)
  • Jo Latimore, Michigan State University
  • David Liebl, Wisconsin Sea Grant
  • John Mathews, Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Todd Main, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Mike Molnar, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Kara Nelis, Port Superior Marina (Wisconsin)
  • Dan Moody, Washtenaw County, Michigan
  • Dan O’Keefe, Michigan Sea Grant
  • Eric Olsson, Washington Sea Grant
  • Paul Peterson, Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Joe Radtke, Barker’s Island Marina (Wisconsin)
  • Anjanette Riley, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
  • Jonathan Riven, University of Wisconsin
  • Angel Arroyo-Rodríguez, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
  • Mike Solberg, Huron Lagoons Marina (Ohio)
  • Rachel Sudimack, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Ward Walstrom, Jr., Walstrom Marine (Michigan)
  • John Wiemhoff, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5
  • Amber Westerbur, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Dave White, New York Sea Grant

Project Team

Michigan Sea Grant:

  • Jim Diana, PI
  • Elizabeth LaPorte, Co-PI and Project Manager
  • Chuck Pistis, Quality Manager
  • Josh Gunn, Project Coordinator
  • Amy Samples, Project Coordinator
  • Stephanie Ariganello, Editor
  • Todd Marsee, Webmaster

Ohio Sea Grant:

  • Jill Jentes Banicki, Co-PI
  • Sarah Orlando, Ohio Clean Marina Consultant

Wisconsin Sea Grant:

  • Vicky Harris, Co-PI
  • Gene Clark, Consultant
  • Theresa Qualls, Consultant

Training Tools

The these tools provide the educational content about best management practices for Great Lakes marinas, boatyards and small harbors.

From 2012-2013, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, supported an extensive revision of the Clean Marina Classroom, led by Michigan Sea Grant. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (grant number GL-00EE00625-0), supported the Green Marina Education and Outreach Project. In 2009, Michigan Sea Grant developed the Michigan Clean Marina Classroom, which provided the basis for the regional Clean Marina Classroom.