Communications and Education Services

Michigan Sea Grant Communications and Education Services provides citizens with the information they need to make informed decisions about the Great Lakes. That includes recommending native vegetation to property owners to water safety tips for swimmers to best environmental practices for marina owners. We also provide communications consulting, strategic planning and execution of outreach internally as well as externally, partnering with local, state and federal agencies.

Sea Grant communications specialists target what’s important to our constituents. We provide the context on big-picture issues like promoting healthy coastal ecosystems and preparing for more frequent and severe storms throughout the Great Lakes region.

Michigan Sea Grant materials are all based on one concept: Communicating science to our constituents. We use multiple platforms and avenues to help distribute information about the Great Lakes. For example, MSG uses social media as an outreach tool to meet people where they are. In other words, we make information about the Great Lakes as easy to access as possible and use different means of dissemination to ensure our reach is both widespread and effective.

Products, Tools, and Services

  • Publications, books, brochures and classroom materials covering a wide variety of topics.
  • Public outreach plans and communications strategies.
  • Media relations, helping connect specialists to disseminate Great Lakes science stories and to ensure press members are getting the most accurate and science-based information possible.
  • Email newsletters and web updates.
  • Photo collections, videos and diagrams showcasing dynamic aspects of the Great Lakes.
  • Online curriculum, training materials, teachers guides and other education resources.
  • Social media campaigns and outreach. Check us out via:

Other Key Actions

  • Identifying Target Audiences – Michigan Sea Grant reaches K-16 educators, scientists and students of all levels, natural resource managers, recreational users, legislators, coastal business operators and industrial leaders. Each publication, news release, video clip or website developed is tailored to reach key audiences within that spectrum.
  • Determining the End Goal – Clarifying project and product objectives such as getting community members to attend an event or change a behavior, informs the message and approach to each communication we send out into the world.
  • Being Consistently Good – Michigan Sea Grant has created a professional protocol to ensure our publications, campaigns and educational materials consistently hit the high mark that Michigan Sea Grant has become known for. Having standards in place also helps with efficient production of materials.
  • Assessing Our Efforts – The communications team uses surveys, analytics and social media insights to not only gain more tangible knowledge of target audiences and behaviors, but also to gauge how effectively our information reaches audiences, builds knowledge and affects behavior and policy.